Photo: Alyssa Haywoode for Strategies for Children

The Joint Committee on Education is holding an informational hearing on early education and care on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 1 p.m. that you can livestream.

For advocates, the hearing is a great opportunity to catch up on the latest policy discussions and learn about what topics and questions are of interest to state legislators, which will make it easier to reach out to them and discuss issues.

Testimony is by invitation only, so there isn’t a chance to sign up and speak. However Strategies for Children is collecting thoughts, ideas, and quotes from advocates in an online GroupMap. Share your comments here. Strategies’ executive director, Amy O’Leary, will be testifying at the hearing and will include highlights from the GroupMap in her remarks.

Go to the hearing page or events page on the day of the event to find livestreaming information. 

Thursday’s hearing is intended to be informational. Next month, the Committee will hold a hearing on all early education and care bills filed this session, which will be a prime opportunity to advocate for specific bills.

The list of Joint Committee on Education members is posted here. Check it out so you can see which members you might want to follow up with. Be sure to note if any are your own state representative or senator and reach out to them. Legislators always like making connections with their own constituents.

Both Massachusetts Education Secretary Patrick Tutwiler and Department of Early Education and Care Commissioner Amy Kershaw are expected to speak at the hearing.

So tune in, stay informed, and get ready for more advocacy opportunities this fall.