“The landmark legislation, referred to by elected officials and advocates as the 2023 Child Care Bill, will make Vermont’s child care system one of the most expansive in the nation.”

“On an annual basis, the bill invests $125 million into Vermont’s child care system, which will make child care more affordable for thousands of families, enhance the quality of child care programs, increase compensation for early childhood educators, and provide relief and increased support to child care programs.”

“Surrounded by legislative colleagues, Senate Pro Tem Phil Baruth began today by saying: ‘This child care bill represents the Legislature’s unwavering commitment to transforming Vermont’s child care system, making child care more accessible and affordable for thousands of Vermont families and improving compensation for early childhood educators. This is what people-powered politics looks like.’ ”

— “Lawmakers override governor’s veto to pass historic child care bill into law,” VermontBiz, June 21, 2023