Photo: Alyssa Haywoode for Strategies for Children

Advocates have long called for early education and care to be treated as a public good – just like public schools or the infrastructure of roads and bridges needed to maintain a 21st century workforce. We are grateful for the close collaboration and appreciate the decisions our elected officials have made to support and stabilize the early education and care sector over the last two pandemic years.

While the worst may be behind us, we’re not out of the woods yet. This election year is especially important as we move towards sustainability and growth.

So please be a Champion for Young Children! Here’s how:

As a Voter

• REGISTER: If you are new to voting in U.S. elections, you have recently moved to the state of Massachusetts, or you simply need to update your registration information, visit the Online Voter Registration System. The voter registration deadline is Saturday, October 29, 2022.

• Learn about with your district and elected officials. Every 10 years, districts for members of Congress, the State House of Representatives, the State Senate, and the Governor’s Council are re-drawn by the Legislature. This process happens after each federal census in order to make sure each district is made up of approximately the same number of people. Learn more about redistricting in Massachusetts here.

• Learn about the candidates. Click here for the full list of state election candidates.

• Engage Candidates and Community: Ask questions about their education platforms and/or write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper urging candidates to prioritize young children in the election. If you need assistance, contact Marisa FearStrategies for Children’s associate director of research and policy.

• VOTE on (or before) Tuesday, November 8th! Click here for early voting information and instructions on how to vote by mail. Plan ahead for in person voting by looking up your poll place and election information.

As a Candidate

Make sure your education platform specifically supports young children and families by including and supporting high-quality early education and care. Children are born learning, and the first five years lay the foundation for success in school and life. Let’s level the playing field and give all children a strong start with high-quality, affordable childcare and preschool programs.

Utilize research and data to learn more about children and families in your communities. For more information contact Titus DosRemedios, Strategies’ deputy director.

Learn about child care funding in federal and state budgets.

Understand the recent historic progress made in early education and care in Massachusetts, and the challenges that remain.

9:30 Callers

Join us on TODAY (Thursday, September 29th, 2022) at 9:30 a.m. to Review Ballot Questions for Massachusetts in 2022 

Learn more about signing up for The 9:30 Call – all are welcome to join!

Your advocacy and action can lead to progress!