As we blogged this summer, the Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is hosting a terrific exhibit called “The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children.”

The exhibit is a dynamic professional development experience, a multimedia immersion in the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning that was developed in Northern Italy. Reggio sees children as crucial partners in their own education. Reggio also focuses on using the world — nature, neighborhoods, art, and artistic materials — to engage children.

At the heart of the exhibit is an effort to share innovations in early education to ensure that as many children as possible have teachers who are well-versed in Reggio’s creative, instructional strategies.

Early educators from across the region and the world have been attending the exhibit and participating in related workshops and events.

“To have this traveling exhibition that very few cities in America have is very important to bringing attention to the needs of young children,” David Chard, Wheelock dean ad interim, says in a Boston University article. “We also want to draw in policymakers and the general public to get beyond lip service about the importance of early childhood education and talk about the more serious needs of the field.”

Kelly Pellagrini, a board member of the Boston Area Reggio Inspired Network, which brought the exhibit to Boston, says that the exhibit has had a transformative impact on Head Start as well as on community and public school early education programs.

Have you seen the exhibit yet?

If not, there’s still time.

The Wonder of Learning will be in Boston through until November 15, 2018.

There are also more Wonder of Learning events coming up.

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, for example, there will be a two-hour workshop that provides an overview of Reggio Emilia principles.

On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, there will be a session called “Intentional Teaching Through Complimentary Curriculum Approach” run by Iris Ponte and Lisa Kuh.

And on Saturday, October 20, 2018, there will be a session called “Placing Relationships at the Center: What Happens When The Social Learning Becomes The Project?”

So be sure to visit the Wonder of Learning — and participate in the related events. It’s an exciting way to bring new ideas and approaches to the children in early education classrooms.