Photo: Alessandra Hartkopf for Strategies for Children


Early educators now have access to this year’s version of the “Massachusetts Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Professional Development Resource Guide 2018,” a listing of hundreds of training programs that can be downloaded here.

(The guide can be downloaded as a booklet or as a spreadsheet. If you download the spreadsheet, be sure to click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet so that you can see all the training sessions. You might have to scroll left or right — using the arrows in the lower left corner — to access all the tabs.)

The resource guide includes training programs for “para- professionals and professionals with a variety of educational backgrounds… from trainings for individuals with associates degrees to offerings geared towards advanced-practice clinicians with masters and/or doctoral degrees.”

Training session topics include:

• preventing child abuse and neglect

• infant and toddler development

• engaging dads, and

• behavior management in child care

The guide was produced by the Early Childhood Mental Health Partnership, which unites the efforts of Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Health and Human Services, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the Boston Public Health Commission.

For more information — or to add your organization’s training session — contact Eve Wilder at the Department of Public Health. Her email address is

Mental health training for early educators can be invaluable. As we’ve blogged before, “Creating ready access to mental health services is crucial for infants and toddlers. Addressing their needs as quickly as possible could spare children from years of struggle and heartache.”