“There’s only one way out of Greater Cleveland’s daunting poverty problem.

“Sure, there are worthwhile glimpses of an escape route in ‘Say Yes to Education,’ the latest of dozens of efforts in this community’s 50-year search for a solution.

“But evolving brain science, statistics and common sense all say the same thing: Most kids who start behind, stay behind.

“If you don’t rescue them early in life, most don’t get rescued at all. And if you don’t rescue them at all, poverty’s death grip on this community will strengthen its hold for yet another generation. And it will draw Cuyahoga County’s demise as an important center of business and commerce nearer still.

“As I’ve suggested dozens of times, the wisest investment in this community’s future is quality preschool and parental counseling for every needy 3-year-old and 4-year-old.”

“Cleveland mayoral campaign should be more about early education for kids, less about dirt bike tracks: Brent Larkin,” Cleveland.com, October 26, 2017