Here at Strategies for Children (SFC), we have a history of working with great interns. They are college or graduate students who come to us with energy, passion, and creativity. They expand our reach and teach us to see new things. One of our most “famous” interns is Laura Healey, who joined our staff as the research and field associate.

Currently, we have three interns who we’re happy to introduce: Abbie Cyr, Nicolette Forsey, and Kathryn Zimmerman. Here’s a little more about each of them.

Abbie Cyr

“I’m a first-year MSW student at the Smith College School for Social Work. During my time at SFC, I have primarily worked with the City of Cambridge, where education officials are increasing equity in access to the city-run preschool programs. I am excited to learn more about the policy considerations that affect children and families’ access to early education — and how to enhance that access. I’m also excited to be working with my hometown of Cambridge in doing so!” 


Nicolette Forsey

“I found out about Strategies for Children because Amy O’Leary came to talk to one of my classes about educational policy and SFC’s mission to achieve universal access to quality preschool in Massachusetts. I believe that quality early childhood education is a vital step in closing the achievement gap, and I was eager to work with an organization that was fighting to make publicly funded early education a reality. I am a student at Boston University majoring in film and television and minoring in education and special education. After I graduate this May, I will pursue my master’s degree in Special Education at Boston University’s School of Education. I hope to teach for several years and then go into educational media. Recently, I have also been thinking of moving into educational policy and using my time in the classroom to inform policy decisions. Strategies for Children has given me a glimpse of what educational policy and, perhaps even more importantly, educational advocacy look like in our ever-changing political climate.”


Kathryn Zimmerman

“I am a junior at Boston College, and I’m working toward a major in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Sociology. I’ll graduate in May 2018. During my time at SFC, I am focusing on the Preschool Expansion community planning grants that Massachusetts awarded in 2016. Thirteen communities received grants to develop plans to expand preschool in their communities. SFC currently has a bill in the State House, and we are using the plans to inform our knowledge and decisions about early childhood education.

“I enjoy this work because I understand the importance of early childhood education. It has always seemed unfair to me that young children can get set on a developmental path far behind others who are their age. I have enjoyed learning about how the process works in Massachusetts, and seeing what is succeeding here and where Massachusetts’ strengths lie. Eventually, I would like to return to Louisiana, where I’m from, and do similar work.”


Thanks Abbie, Nicolette, and Kathryn; we appreciate your hard work.