Donna Servideo
Donna Servideo

This is a series of blogs featuring first-person accounts from early educators across Massachusetts.

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My name is Donna Servideo and I work at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts. I am a preschool teacher for children who are 2.9 to 5 years of age. I have been in this position for the past eight years. That is also the same amount of time I have been in this field. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Human Development and Human Services from Anna Maria College and started my teaching career at the YWCA.

I love this job so much and cannot see myself working in any other field.

The work that I do with preschool age children is very important. I work with the children to get them ready socially and academically for kindergarten. I work closely with the parents so that we can work together to get the children where they need to be. The field of Early Childhood Education is so important. We set the stepping stones for each of these children. Without the hard work we as educators do, there would not be as many children who are ready for kindergarten. 

As an educator I am so proud to see the growth in my students. When they accomplish something they have been working hard on, it brings a huge smile to my face. I am also proud when my graduates and their families come back to visit me. I get so many compliments from the parents letting me know how well their children are doing in school because of all the hard work we do for these children everyday.

As I mentioned, I have a bachelor’s degree, and I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and Leadership at Worcester State University. I am so happy that I decided to continue my education. I enjoy taking classes and bringing what I learn from the courses into my teaching.

Policymakers should know just how much we do with the children we serve. A child’s brain develops most between infancy and five years of age. This is the exact age group that Early Education and Care providers focus on. Policymakers need to come and see just how much we do and track the outcomes of children going to kindergarten.