Mayor Marty Walsh at his inauguration. Photo: Strategies for Children

In his inauguration speech yesterday, newly-elected Mayor Marty Walsh shared his commitment to universal early education, stating, “Study after study has told us that universal early education” along with other educational efforts “can be transformative. They give every child a more equal chance to thrive and succeed. Yes, these things cost money–but we must find a way.”

As he takes office, Mayor Walsh is well-positioned to expand upon the city’s strong foundation of early education policy and programming. We look forward to partnering with the Mayor and his administration to build upon this foundation and ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed both in school and in life.

Inauguration Highlights

At yesterday’s inauguration in Boston College’s Conte Forum bagpipes played, Yo Yo Ma performed “An Inauguration Medley” on his cello, children sang— and Walsh highlighted universal early education as a critical piece of his bold plan for Boston:

“We are city of big dreams, and we have what it takes to make dreams come true.

And if you doubt any of that, look at this kid from Taft Street in Dorchester who’s now your Mayor. I know my mother’s not the only one surprised,” Walsh joked in his augural address.

Building on a theme of opportunity, Walsh added, “Every kid in every neighborhood deserves the chance for a pathway to higher education or a good career.”

Thanking John McDonough, the city’s interim school superintendent, Walsh announced that he plans to launch a nationwide search for a new superintendent.

“I want our next superintendent to be a proven urban education leader who shares my commitment to eliminating the achievement gap, universal early education, high school reform, inclusion programs, dual language programs, a new approach to school construction, and expanded, high-quality career and technical training.”

The new Mayor also received support and advice from Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Deval Patrick:

Senator Warren wished Walsh well saying, “Here in Boston we lead by example and in this new chapter Marty Walsh will work hard to make sure that everyone, everyone has a fighting chance to build something solid.”

Governor Patrick predicted that Walsh’s inauguration day—like Patrick’s own—would be a blur. “Most of all you won’t remember precisely the moment when your jokes became so funny, when you became so photogenic, and when you were expected to have an opinion on absolutely everything.”

“My advice to you, if I may, is to hold on to why you wanted this job in the first place,” the governor added, calling on Walsh to serve “the people who look to you for a reason to hope…”

We are eager to work with Mayor Walsh to achieve his vision on behalf of the children and families of Boston.