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Three recaps of the July 8th, virtual Rally 4 Babies.

1)  FirstFiveYearsFund ‏@firstfiveyears

Thanks @soledad_obrien @sebelius @arneduncan @laurieberkner @americaspromise Jennifer Garner 4 today’s #rally4babies 


The #Rally4Babies caught the attention of @ABC. See the article here: …

3) Raising A Reader MA ‏@RaisingAReaderM

Couldn’t agree more! Why you should care about somebody else’s child care and preschool 

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Summer is the perfect time to combine nature and books about nature.


Inspire adults and #children to observe #nature with these great books!  #ece #earlyed #parenting #stem

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A new study shows training for parents can help their children improve their focus.

Laura Bornfreund ‏@LauraBornfreund

.@conor williams shares new research on how parents can boost children’s ability to focus: … via @newamerica #earlyed

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Spoiler: One of the three ways to fix child poverty is high-quality early education and care.

CampaignForChildren ‏@Campaign4Kids

3 ways to fix America’s child poverty problem – Bill Frist – The Week

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Advice for preschool teachers on developing and teaching expectations for children’s behavior. 

Office of Head Start ‏@HeadStartgov

Set classroom behavior expectations by remembering to “SAY what you want to SEE” during activities & routines:

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A preview from the forthcoming documentary series, “The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation”

Heckman Equation ‏@heckmanequation

WATCH: “Are We Crazy About Our Kids?” featuring Professor Heckman . For more info, visit .

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For early learning advocates, here’s a new policy guide from the national nonprofit Zero to Three.

Associated ECE ‏@AssociatedECE

Great #earlyed policy toolkit by @zerotothreedc – check out the Early Experiences Matter Policy Guide