Photo: Alessandra Hartkopf for Strategies for Children

Are you curious about the number of low-income children in your community? The high school graduation rate? Third grade reading? Preschool enrollment? Check out our Fast Facts for these and other demographic and educational tidbits. Fast Facts is a Web-based tool, with a drop-down menu that makes it easy to find data on every city and town in Massachusetts, with side-by-side comparisons to statewide statistics. We recently updated Fast Facts to include information from the 2011 MCAS and 2010 federal decennial census.

Milton, home of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, has two public school pre-kindergarten programs, a dozen center-based programs and  31 licensed family child care providers. In the town’s public schools, 14% of students are from low-income families, and English is not the first language for 5% of children. Worcester, home of Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray, has 24 public school pre-kindergarten programs, 42 center-based programs and 354 licensed family child care providers. In the city’s public schools, 70% of children are from low-income families, and English is not the first language for 43% of children. In Milton, 92.5% of young people graduate from high school in four years; in Worcester, 71% graduate in four years.

In Plymouth, home of Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray, 65% of third graders scored proficient or above in English language arts on the third grade MCAS. In Winthrop, home of Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo, 13.5% of children under age 6 are Hispanic/Latino, as are 9% of children age 6-18. In Boston, home of Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, co-chair of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Education, more than two-thirds of children under age 6 have all parents in the workforce, compared with half in Wellesley, home of Representative Alice Peisch, the other education committee co-chair. In Boston, 63% of preschool-aged children are enrolled in an early education program, compared with 79% in Wellesley.